March 29, 2019


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At Catalyze, we are bridging many disciplines to build an end-to-end renewable energy development platform. 

We are delivering an innovative business model by partnering with commercial real estate groups to co-develop assets to benefit them, their tenants, and local utilities. We have an innovative technology platform, analyzing and scaling to meet portfolio, smart community, and national needs. We are seeking to tackle nothing less than the fundamental transformation of the grid from big centralized power plants to distributed energy resources, partnering with commercial and industrial real estate.  Our CRE partners and their properties will be the hosts for the grid of the future.

When we created Catalyze, we realized that we were going to need visionary finance partners that…  

We were fortunate to find all these qualities in our new investors – Prisma Energy Capital and Innosphere – who add to our existing investor group of industry leaders in energy, real estate, and finance.  With the combination of Silicon Valley style innovation (our software engineering team is in Oakland, CA), big energy infrastructure finance and development Texas style (Prisma is headquartered in Houston with exceptional talent and experience in energy finance, trading, market transformation, risk management), and the ability to open up Colorado utilities and communities as local laboratories (Innosphere is in Colorado with great connections for energy market transformation), they are a perfect extension of our team and vision.

Prisma and Innosphere’s new investment in Catalyze this month and long-term financial backing for the growth of our asset base allows us to quickly ramp our team, our customer base, and our ability to deliver projects.  It supports our growth in the Northeast where many of our initial projects are located and nationwide.  This also provides the capital to deliver long term energy service agreements and value to our commercial real estate partners in order to power the grid of the future.