Our core engine analyzes energy supply, demand, and network constraints in order to model the financial parameters to find the overall optimal solution — not merely a workable solution for a particular site, situation, or temporal issue.  We iterate the key elements of a renewable energy project using hundreds of variables in an integrated platform using our advanced technology platform.

We allow human experts to focus on the key elements of a specific project, or on a portfolio of projects — not on tedious data collection and analysis — and then allow them to run optimization models to find the best solution for many different scenarios.  We manage projects on behalf of our commercial real estate and utility partners to maximize the yield and profitability of their properties over their full lifespan.

Our entire process relies on our advanced software platform including site and building analysis, portfolio analysis, advanced economic scenario management, advanced system design, smart contracts, payments, and ledgers for an increasingly dynamic multi-directional grid that requires advanced technology and automation.


Identify Ideal Sites

We can search across 165 million properties with up to 320 attributes each to find the best ones to maximize revenue.


Optimize for Revenue

We engineer the solar + storage + controls + financing solutions to unlock and maximize new sources of revenues.


Expand the Portfolio

We help our partners not only increase revenues from existing properties but also identify new strategies for portfolio expansion.


Manage for Long-Term Gain

We work with our partners as their virtual utility manager, maximizing the yield of their assets over the long term.