Identify untapped real estate value.
Enhance your portfolio strategy.
Increase long-term revenues.



Identify Ideal Sites

We can search across 165 million properties with up to 320 attributes each to find the best ones to maximize revenue.


Optimize for Revenue

We engineer the solar + storage + controls + financing solutions to unlock and maximize new sources of revenues.


Expand Your Portfolio

We help our partners not only increase revenues from existing properties but also identify new strategies for portfolio expansion.


Manage for Long-Term Gain

We work with our partners as their virtual utility manager, maximizing the yield of their assets over the long term.

What is Catalyze?

Catalyze is a data analytics and asset management platform, transforming commercial properties into resilient, renewable, virtual utilities.

We partner with mid-to-large commercial and industrial real estate groups that want to use renewable energy to create a competitive advantage, increasing net operating income per property and improving the quantity and quality of properties they own.

We analyze your current holdings and then expand to identify undervalued assets to add to their portfolio.

We use our engineering and process automation to design, contract, and oversee the construction and finance of solar + storage + controls to dispatch to tenants and other buyers of electricity.

We are a real estate developer’s energy services partner, managing sites to form the virtual utility of the future. We also provide valuable generation, peak reduction and balancing services to existing utilities.

Intelligent Platform

Matches projects we deliver to market dynamics

Empowering our Partners

Creates seamless partnerships to maximize the value to all parties

Financial Optimization

Discovers value in commercial real estate via design, financial analytics